Norfolk's Monica Vinader sparkles on the global stage

May 26 2015

Monica Vinader from Norfolk, runs a British luxury jewellery brand that celebrates individuality, opening up a new category between fashion and fine jewellery. Monica creates wearable, contemporary pieces of stunning jewellery and her intricate creations have been recognised and worn recently by the Duchess of Cambridge; the EDP says the royal and celebrity interest has transformed her business into an international powerhouse.

However Monica is convinced her fast-rising jewellery brand would not have achieved the same sparkling success if she had launched it outside of Norfolk. Read more on Monica's World through her website.

"The chief executive, from whom the business takes its name, said the converted forge next to her house was the perfect place to nurture her fledgling firm as she juggled the demands of motherhood – conditions she would have struggled to replicate in London. Some seven years later, her decision continues to bear fruit with the Small Medium Enterprise emerging as one of the fastest growing exporters in the UK. In the past two years, the luxury jewellery brand has recorded an 81% rise in international sales to £3.3m, with total sales reaching £13.9m to July 2014." - EDP24

Monica Vinader can be contacted at Holkham Studios, in Holkham Park at Wells-next-the-Sea; and her jewellery can also be found in boutiques across London and in the world press.

Read more about Monica's fantastic achievements on her website or in the story written by the EDP here