Financial Services

Norwich is one of Europe’s largest general insurance centres - and it’s growing.

Norwich has been a centre for financial services for over 200 years and now ranks as one of the UK’s 15 financial centres of excellence. It is home to around 50 corporate HQs and more than 11,000 professionals with capabilities in banking, accountancy, audit, insurance, investment management, actuarial science, statistics and business administration. Aviva, once Norwich Union, employs more than 5,000 people in the city and considers it a ‘core’ UK site, while Marsh employs around 1,000.

Our local colleges and universities, including the Norwich Business School at the UEA, produce highly skilled, financially literate, and reliable employees. This large talent-pool, combined with affordable office space and excellent worldwide connections, makes it an ideal location for your new fin-tech project or UK branch office. Here you’ll find an attractive environment to live and work as well as a robust supply chain with skills in everything from digital technology and marketing to HR and law.


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Financial Services experience in Norwich

The Financial Industries Group (FIG) is an independent non-profit body that champions the finance sector in Norfolk. It brings together more than 40 businesses in the financial services ecosystem and acts as a catalyst for development. It exemplifies the collaborative nature of businesses in Norwich who are committed to supporting future growth.

The University of East Anglia (UEA), including the Norwich Business School, ranks among the top 1% of higher education institutes in the world. It offers degrees in accounting, finance management and marketing; MSc courses in advanced business management, international accounting and CFA accredited financial management; and full-time or part-time MBA courses.

The UEA’s Actuarial Sciences programme forms part of the School of Computing Science, which is one of the UK’s largest and most experienced computing schools. The programme includes expertise from the schools of Mathematics, Economics and Business. This multi-disciplinary approach to teaching gives students the opportunity to engage with real world business issues and receive tuition from professional actuaries at Aviva.

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